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While taking a Linguistics course in college, Alexandria became fascinated with the way businesses use language and the written word. She notices the small things and became frustrated when business’ materials were not written well or information was difficult to find. After becoming a writer and editor for a local business, she appreciated even more the importance of professional writing for businesses. She wanted to help businesses create well written materials that make them stand out.

Thus, Ink & Parchment, LLC was created.


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Alexandria Pallat

Alexandria has always had a passion for words. While in college, she served as a Writing Tutor. Upon graduating with her master's degree, she served as a Communications and Outreach Manager for a small non-profit in the D.C. area before transitioning to a position as the Content Writer and Editor for a local business in Frederick, Maryland.

She has also served as a college-level instructor for Small Group Communication, Public Speaking, Mediation & Conflict Management, and Technical Writing.



Master’s of Arts

Bachelor’s of Arts

Activities & Affiliations

  • Sass Magazine, Contributing Writer

  • Everyday Dog Magazine, Contributing Writer

  • Coffee House Writers, Writer | Editor | COO

  • Common Market Co-op, Content Editor